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Hillary Clinton Is The Real Felon, Not Donald Trump: Breaking Down Her Crimes

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

By Col. Mike Ford, US Army (Retired)

Hillary Clinton and her on going email issues.
Hillary Clinton's email scandal is not going away. We are digging for the truth, and we won't stop.

Once again, the left, enabled by their RINO enablers and "journalist" cheerleaders, is falsely accusing former President Donald Trump of the very crimes they are guilty of. They have again managed to pervert our criminal justice system by indicting a former President over what the law clearly says is a civil dispute.

As any person with an IQ above plant life knows, this is yet another example of the leftists’ immoral and patently illegal use of lawfare to obtain a political result. Fortunately for Donald Trump, he has the financial wherewithal to fend off this assault.

Of course, that isn’t stopping the left from almost giddily reporting on this recent indictment and predicting (once again) that “THIS is indeed the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.” Chief among those cackling gleefully, is the former Secretary of State and failed Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. She’s also using the indictment to fundraise as shown by this tweet.

I won't waste digital ink by walking everyone through Trump's side of this. There are plenty of folks out there, including Max, the Boss, who have clearly articulated just how Donald Trump was merely exercising lawful Presidential power under the Presidential Records Act.

As I pointed out above, any issues with how Donald Trump and his post-Presidential staff handled and stored the documents in question, is purely a civil issue.

The focus of this piece is to demonstrate that when it comes to actual and unlawful handling of our nation's secrets, it's Hillary Rodham Clinton who is the actual, real felon here--her and her sycophantic subordinates.

Despite her protestations of innocence and accusations against President Trump, it is she and her staff who committed a felony, likely several. It is Hillary Clinton who by her deliberate and ego-driven actions, likely did cause serious harm to the national security of these United States.

Here is how this works. Some reports have indicated, there was certain overhead imagery, marked and/or unmarked on Secretary Clinton’s e-mail server. This imagery was classified at the highest levels. That means someone(s) committed a serious crime(s).

The way government information and automation systems are set up, someone(s) had to take a deliberate series of felonious actions in order for that imagery to get there. Period. Such deliberate actions would be the linchpin of proving “intent” in any criminal case.

One such action appeared to be confirmed back in January 8, 2016, in an article in National Review by Brendan Bordelon entitled: Clinton Pushed Aide to Strip Markings from Sensitive Documents, Send through ‘Nonsecure’ Channel:

During a 2011 e-mail exchange, Hillary Clinton urged top aide Jake Sullivan to strip classified talking points of all markings and send them through “nonsecure” means after a secure fax line failed to function. On the night of June 16, 2011, Sullivan told Clinton that important talking points on an undetermined issue would be faxed to her the following morning. When Clinton informed Sullivan that the talking points had not yet materialized, he began a frantic search for the problem. “They say they’ve had issues sending secure fax,” he wrote to Clinton 15 minutes later. “They’re working on it.” “If they can’t, turn into nonpaper with no identifying heading and send nonsecure,” Clinton replied. (Emphasis mine)

Instead of getting into a detailed primer on Department of Defense and Department of State electronic communications, I’ll give you the short version. Although the State Department and the Department of Defense use different systems for their unclassified communications, they do share some of the same systems for their classified traffic.

The unclassified systems used by Defense and State have e-mail, file sharing and teleconferencing capabilities. Those systems also have access to the Internet.

Some agencies allow their employees to use their unclassified computers to conduct limited personal business, such as sending e-mails and looking at American Free News Network and to our intelligence contacts, during their breaks. These employees can also send e-mail to private addressees from this system.

The classified systems the agencies use jointly are:

SIPRnet (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network): used to transmit material that is classified CONFIDENTIAL or SECRET. It may not be used to transmit TOP SECRET material.

JWICS (Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System): used to transmit TOP SECRET information, to include highly classified satellite imagery. The JWICS system is likely where Private Bradley Manning obtained the information, he later gave to Wikileaks. This is also the system the State Department uses to routinely receive and access satellite imagery and imagery analysis, along with other TOP SECRET information.

What is important to understand is that, except for extremely rare and tightly controlled circumstances, JWICS, SIPRNet and the in-house unclassified systems do not and cannot connect to each other. This keeps higher classification info from being mixed in with lower classification. Except for that very rare exception, the only way to get information from one system to another is to use a system I have yet to introduce, the “SneakerNet.”

“SneakerNet” is IT slang, referring to someone taking information on one system, saving it to portable media, disk or thumb drive and walking (“sneakering”) it over to the other system and uploading it, thereby bypassing the procedural safeguards inherent in separate, unconnected systems. An alternative, using the same concept, would be to print the data from a JWICS terminal (possibly inside the State Department) and then scan the hard copy into an unclassified system. This method would also work were someone get access to a hard copy document or photo handed out at a meeting.

One of the advantages of this unconnected system of systems is that it virtually eliminates “spillage,” the accidental release of one level of classified information into an arena not cleared for it. That, however, does not stop a determined attempt to flout the rules. If there was reconnaissance satellite imagery or analysis of that imagery on Secretary Clinton’s server or any other unclassified system, then someone had to take a series of deliberate and felonious steps to put it there.

A photo would have had to have its markings deliberately removed. Then it would have had to have been copied from JWICS onto removable media (or printed out) and uploaded (or scanned) to either an unclassified computer & e-mailed to Secretary Clinton, or directly uploaded to her server. In the case that what was on her server was merely a written assessment of what the imagery shows, the above still obtains. Someone had to make a series of deliberate decisions and steps to either copy or transcribe the assessment from JWICS and send it via a nonsecure e-mail to Secretary Clinton.

What this means is that any conversation about this being a mistake, accident, or minor error in judgment, especially when compared to the situation President Trump is currently embroiled in, is a flat out lie. The person who should be prosecuted is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with anyone who assisted her in subverting the systems in place to protect our nation's secrets.

Disclosure: The last time I personally used these systems was 2012. Systems and procedures have changed since then.

Military, Humvee, US Army
Col. Mike Ford on deployment during a special operation.

Col. Mike Ford is a former Infantry Officer. He has served in Europe, Central America and in Southwest Asia, Commanding at the Detachment, Company, Battalion and Brigade Levels. He served as a Deputy Sheriff in South Florida for 10 Years. In a brief foray into the private sector, he was a Product Line Manager, specializing in special operations applications. Ford has been a contributor for American Thinker, Canada Free Press, the Gateway Pundit and Red State. He is currently the Managing Editor of American Free News Network,a 501(c)(3). You can find more of his work and that of other great writers there. In 2023, he joined Max's Brigade, operating in the shadows.

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