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Legal Rigging: If We Work, Trump Will Win 2024

We lost 2020 by 44K votes. We can win Election 2024 if we adopt Democrat voting techniques.

By Francisco Loves Freedom

2024 B
Election 2024 is a turning point for the way the GOP conducts elections. If we do not adopt and implement Democrat voting techniques - what Max euphemistically calls "legalized rigging" - we will lose.

The 2020 election was rigged. I spent years of my life obsessed with researching it, compiling massive amounts of hard evidence, and even conducted a painful exercise of comparing registered voters to actual votes county by county (there was a cumulative 4 million ballot over-vote by my calculations).

Joe Biden may have collected 81 million ballots, but he did not get 81 million legitimate votes.

Eventually, I backed off the obsession and got on with my life.

Here is what failed to sink in for me at that time: Trump only lost the 2020 election by 44,000 votes.

And the real problem wasn’t fraud: We lost 2020 (and some key races in the 2022 and 2023 elections) because the Democrats out worked us for those 44k votes.

Democrats continue to LEGALLY outwork us by:

· Deploying outdated voter lists, where Republicans don’t.

· Placing drop boxes (paid for by D donors) in geotargeted locations, Republicans don’t.

· Harvest ballots, Republicans won't!

· Use sophisticated AI to help them cure rejected Democrat ballots on a massive scale, Repubs don’t!

· Enlist mega-donors like Zuckerberg donate $400 million to hire partisan election workers, Repubs don’t!

· Hire Tik-Tok influencers to drum up Dem support, Repubs don't!

· Spend close to $100 million on a social media remake of their candidate intended to make him “look cooler”, Rs don’t.

· Unite behind their candidate, Rs don’t (America First vs. Old Guard civil war).

· Have a “vote blue no matter who” attitude, Rs don’t (“I don’t like Trump’s personality” or "I will not vote for him, I wanted my preferred candidate.)

· Voting for 60 days, while Republicans vote on only one day.

In March, Max (@Maximus_4EVR) will present his new online class Civics Maximus: Vote Like a Democrat, where he goes in-depth on Democrat voting techniques and how to implement them at the local level. From organizing task forces in your local communities, to linking up with your state GOP group and getting out the Early Vote for the Election, Max will go through a step-by-step process to win in November.
Most importantly, Max will breakdown and teach Democrat voting techniques. Vote Like a Democrat is essential to all who want to get involved in our country's elections and make a difference! Email (X/Telegram @Roxie_Balboa) for more information.

As of today, Trump is up 2.2 points in the polls overall and much more in the swing states, while at this date in 2020 he was down 10.

The 2024 election is ours for the taking, but like anything else in life, we have to work for it. Yes, there will be fraud, but the ground game tactics described above are all legal. The way to stay well above the margin of fraud is good old-fashioned hard work. What could be more American than that?

There is no easy fix on how to make this happen. My hope is to spark dialogue, develop a plan of attack together, get to work, and WIN THE 2024 ELECTION BIGLY! Bottom line: If we win, President Trump will win 2024!

Fransisco Loves Freedom is Fransisco's column on Follow Fransisco here on Twitter.

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