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The FBI and the Lost Pennsylvania Treasure

☠️ The Renegade ☠️

By Max Knight (@Maximus_4EVR)

According to legend, a US shipment of nine tons of gold was buried in a cave in rural Dents Run, Pennsylvania.

In June 1863, this shipment of Union gold disappeared on its way to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. The platoon of Union soldiers transporting the shipment through the mountains became lost.

Three men were sent to get help and eventually one returned with a rescue party, which located the group’s abandoned wagons but no men, no gold, no nothing. Pinkertons were brought in, but to no avail. The gold and men disappeared. Whoosh, gone.

Fast forward to 2017-18, and the FBI received word of this legend when a historian notified the feds of historical documentation of the missing gold dated from the late 1800s. The FBI took it very seriously and began an aggressive yet covert search of the area, and after a few months, claimed they "found nothing". However...

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