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The Storm Upon Us

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

💀 The Renegade 💀

by Max Knight (@Maximus_4EVR)

Back in December, I said President Trump would likely be indicted by the feds. Some Conservatives disagreed with me. However, after Biden’s Docugate drama, I added it was now unlikely that the DOJ would indict Trump, because in doing so, they would also need to indict Biden, and other past administration officials.

But Trump has endured more politically motivated criminal probes than any president I have ever seen. Since he took office, he is constantly under investigation for some alleged crime, at the federal and state levels.

None of these investigations have found anything nefarious, let alone criminal. And certainly *none* have uncovered any action on the part of President Trump which would disqualify him from office (more on Maximus Premium). Now...

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