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Wisconsin April 4th, 2023...Election D-Day

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

☠️ The Renegade ☠️

By Max Knight (@Maximus_4EVR)

Next Tuesday is the first election of 2024: the Wisconsin Judicial Election for the Supreme Court.

Justice Daniel Kelly, a conservative, is running against liberal Judge Janet Protasiewicz.

If Kelly loses, conservatives lose control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and this will have a direct impact on the outcome of 2024. Currently, WI Conservatives hold a 4-3 majority.

Unlike the federal judiciary, state judicial appointments must be reaffirmed by voters every few years and this year there is a contested election for an open seat in Wisconsin.

Sadly, many Americans do not bother to vote for judges on ballots because they do not know whom to vote for.

As a result, progressives have taken control of many judicial seats, even in Red States.

President Trump must win WI in 2024, along with GA, AZ. It's his easiest path to victory.

Now consider, if Trump wins all the states he won in 2020, he begins election night with 235 Electoral Votes (the census gave Trump states three additional EVs since 2020).

After that, winning WI/GA/AZ = 272 EVs (270 needed to win). Note: These three were decided by less than 40K votes in total.

Holding the Wisconsin Supreme Court gives Republicans up and down the ballot a back-up plan in case of an election crisis in 2024 and staves off progressive redistricting plans for the state in the immediate future.

What can YOU do to help?

After talking to Scott Pressler (@ScottPresler), he asked me to add the following (please read): So Goes Wisconsin, So Goes the Nation!

Your help is needed now! First you can Support Daniel Kelly here Judicial Conservative Daniel Kelly for Wisconsin Supreme Court (

Next America Mission reps and Scott Presler held a space on the Wisconsin April 4th Supreme Court election.

They expressed this is an extremally important election for freedom!

  • The election will be decided by 5,000 votes.

  • Wisconsin Supreme Court has four Conservative Judges and three Liberal Judges.

  • One Conservative Judge is set to retire.

  • If Judge Daniel Kelly is not elected, there will be a Liberal Majority.

  • This is significant for the Wisconsin Governor is a Democrat.

  • The Supreme Court has been the salvation to Wisconsinites freedoms. It has kept the State from going Blue and protected Constitutional freedoms.

If Judge Daniel Kelly is NOT elected

  1. The Supreme Court will have a Liberal Majority.

  2. The following laws will be nullified:

    1. Voter-id requirement;

    2. Voter Proof of Residency requirement;

    3. Manned voter-drop boxes (boxes will not be guarded);

    4. Medical Freedoms;

    5. Parental Choice in Education by defunding school choice;

    6. Gun rights.

  3. GOP could lose the Majority in Federal House of Representatives.

If Judge Daniel Kelly is NOT elected:

  1. Wisconsin’s Congressional Map will be redrawn.

  2. Two additional Democrat Representatives will be added. We can help from the comfort of our own home!

  1. Download from your phone’s app Store: Early Vote Action*

    1. Apple App Store link: Early Vote Action

    2. Google Play Store: Early Vote Action

  2. When prompted on the app:

    1. Enter your phone number

    2. Allow for notifications.

    3. Click on the ‘»»’ on the top left box.

    4. Swipe left. Click on ‘Make Calls.

    5. Click on the top or bottom selection.

    6. A list of 25 Republican supporters will be listed. Do as many as you can. Any number of contacts made will help!

      1. Click Start. It will take you to the first person listed. Clicking Next will take you to the next person. (No screen captures for it would reveal ‘real names.’)

      2. Click Call to get a Script. There is a Script for Voicemail and one for Answered. You can modify the script and “make it your own.” Note: The recipient will probably not like to be addressed by first name.

      3. The App will not ‘call’ until you are ready. It will register that you have made the call/left msg so no one else will contact that person.

      4. OPTION: If person does not answer, you can text that person as well. Use a similar script.

We are one vote away from losing the WI Supreme Court and possibly 2024. For more information, please reach out to Scott Pressler on Twitter here.

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